Inspired by New York City & the arts, Indie Design Studio strives to bring clean, classy, and modern aesthetics to all our design projects. We started this studio with hopes of working with independent artist sharing our personal interest in the environment and the socially conscious. 

:: Design Studio ::
One of our focuses in the studio is Branding & Identity. Custom quotes are available,  just reach out and we'll get back to you within 48hrs! 

:: Photography ::
IDP is simply a musician's collection of emotions, memories, & inspirations captured through photographs throughout the years. Most stills are available for purchase, please visit our  print shop for collections. Inquiries regarding custom prints may be emailed to

:: Indie Features ::
Our  Indie Features series showcases the works of talented local and online artists.  It also allows the public to learn more about the artist through our short Q&A.  If you are a crafter, artist, photographer, musician, designer, or artisan and would like to be part of our ongoing series feel free to email us a link to your site/shop.  If your art gives back in any way please be sure to let us know how.  We support those who believe in paying it forward! 

If you are a local performing artist be sure to include your next NYC show.  We’ll gladly show up to support and also shoot some photos of your  live performance!  

For updates on new developments at the studio subscribe to our  Journal or follow us on the web, we're social!